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RYT200 | Vikasa Yoga

Koh Samui, Thailand

Apprenticeship with Dayle Extrell

Citizen Yoga Detroit

Philosophy + Alignment Immersion with Caitlin Pascucci 

Restorative Yoga Training with 

Najee Robbins



Public classes offered at Citizen Yoga Detroit

Monday 6:45pm Slow Burn

Friday 9:45am Slow Burn

I first practiced yoga at the age of 21 and fell madly in love with the practice. My first experience on the mat changed everything - my mind was quiet, I was aware of my breath, and my body felt GOOD. I found a new appreciation for the strength and grace that I was capable of but had missed. Yoga is my first love. With consistency, I’ve learned to truly love myself regardless of external circumstances.


Yoga connected me to my body in a way that nothing else has. After years of struggling through anxiety, depression, an eating disorder + chronic pain, yoga brought me back into my body when I’d forgotten what it felt like to be connected to my body. Yoga offered me a space to work through all of the stuck emotions I’d been denying.

Now 12 years into the practice, I honor the wisdom of my body. Through the practice, I've learned to trust in myself, to recognize my strength, to honor my emotions, and to step into a state of awareness where I linger in genuine happiness and presence.​

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