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In a Past Life Regression, we’ll go deep and explore the history of who we are through experiencing a past life chosen by your intuition.


 I’ll guide you using hypnosis techniques to bring you into a deep trance-like state of meditation where we can access the subconscious mind and past life memories held there that are mirroring or influencing our here + now. 


We’ll tap into the realm of the unseen to discover unresolved patterns, soul family and soul contracts, origin stories of fears and phobias, lingering medical concerns, and symbolic insights. 


Through this practice we’ll also explore how to shift our current reality to embody and welcome in more of who we truly are.

 PLR is energy work because while on this journey, you're able to observe and shift patterns in a profound way that goes beyond simply intellectually understanding them. 


Like Reiki, it's one of those things best experienced rather than explaining. I look forward to sharing this practice with you.

Individual 90 minute session | $177

BIPOC 90 minute session | $155


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