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I have 10+ years of practice and am ready to support you. <3


All sessions are as unique as you to ensure your healing needs + personal goals are supported.​

Sessions include 60 minutes+ of energy healing as well as time to process + clarify what you most need to move forward as your most vibrant, self assured and peaceful self. 

Each session includes personalized techniques and practices that are offered for you to integrate outside of our sessions. Practices may include breath work, embodiment practices, journey quests,

opportunities for reflection, journal prompts, and more. 


Sessions are offered in-person in my office in Royal Oak, MI, or over Zoom if you prefer to meet remotely.


Schedule your personal Reiki session and take a bold step forward on your healing journey. 

What's included:


Session cost: 


1:1 90 minute session | $177

BIPOC 1:1 90 minute session | $155

Sessions can be scheduled individually but ideally I want to work with you consistently, because this is where the big magic happens. Packages include 90 minute sessions, so we can dive deep into energy work and work together to create a plan that integrates your own healing gifts and skills. 

Additional questions?


In-person and remote sessions

Chakra clearing + balancing

Intuitive Life Coaching

Shadow work guide

Energetic space clearing

Aura scanning and repair

Inner child work

Ancestral healing


Psychic surgery


Pranayama (Breath) guide

Animal Reiki sessions

Reiki attuned crystals + crystal work

Schedule a free consultation or book your session with me below!

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