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Support your beloved family member with the gift of energy healing


If you know me, you know that I cry almost daily over animal rescue videos. One of my next moves that my heart has called for for a long time is to work with animals and offer Reiki. I’ve mastered working with people, and I feel it’s time to expand this offering. 

Reiki supports our friends with physical, behavioral, emotional and mental concerns - anything from stress, adjustments issues, anxiety, neurological concerns, digestive issues, joint health and mobility, anything organ related, and in recovery (pre/post surgery or injury) - truly all of it. In the same way that Reiki works to balance and heal humans, Reiki is capable of the same profound healing in animals.  Interestingly animals are very receptive to energy work (kids too!) and shorter sessions can go a long way.


I adore animals and am so excited to expand my offering. Details are included below, though if you have additional questions, feel free to reach me by email using the Contact tab. 



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I offer 60 minute sessions to our animal companions, booked by their human caretakers. Sessions are currently held online over Zoom.

- To start, your pet's person will schedule a 60 minute session. We'll spend around 10 minutes going over your pet's personal history and any areas of focus. Your pet will receive around 45 minutes of Reiki, and we'll save a bit of time at the end of the session to check in. I will have insight to share, as well as an idea of how to best support your friend.

- During the session, your pet is free to spend their time however they usually do. You may notice that they seem especially relaxed and/or sleepy. 

- If your pet is currently under the care of a vet, it's imperative that you continue to follow their prescribed care. Reiki is an alternative form of therapy, meant to be used in addition to regular vet care.

- Reiki is suitable for all breeds of animal.

- You may schedule a 60 minute follow up session for your beloved friend! 


"I have two dogs and Adina has done Reiki sessions on both! Harley is a 14 years old lab/ Rottweiler mix and has some arthritis in her hips. I sent Adina a picture of her and we talked about some of her ailments, and then she did an hour session. After the session Harley seemed more relaxed and more comfortable, she seemed to be resting more peacefully! It was so amazing to see the effects of the session. When Harley and Adina met later that year there was an instant connection and I saw Harley relax when her and Adina were next to each other! It was amazing and almost brought me to tears! Harley is not one for “strangers” so to see her connect with Adina on such a deep level was amazing! 

Ziggy is my rescue pit, he tore his acl and had to have surgery. Again I sent Adina a picture of Ziggy and told her about the surgery. She did an hour session on him and after the session within 5 minutes he got off the couch and walked to the water dish, almost not limping at all, he drank the entire dish of water came back and hopped on the couch, which he wasn’t suppose to be able to do, and then slept for hours! I could tell he was more comfortable and some pain was taken away, and he was able to rest and make a full recovery! Adina has an AMAZING ability and has made me a true believer of her services and the power of energy!"

- Katie Gadapee

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