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"Adina is an absolute angelic force. I have had the pleasure of both receiving healing treatments from her and taking her level 1 reiki course and I can attest to her greatness on both sides of the ball. She takes great care to make sure you understand all aspects of the practice and her soothing nature makes her a joy to work with. 100% recommend as she is one of the best in the area in both instruction and healing. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!" - Brian Edwards

"Adina has a calming, yet powerful presence - her wisdom, knowledge, and insight are truly inspiring. She was supportive and allowed space for those who had emotional moments/experiences. I was also lucky enough to share this time with lovely humans. The class was very interesting and informative - a perfect balance of theory and practical experience. I’m grateful for this opportunity, and wouldn’t want anyone else as a teacher as I move forward in my healing journey." - Cori, Reiki I Student

"Learning Reiki solidified my calling to work with the energy on every level, I feel fully secure in my ability to channel such a force and I can’t thank Adina enough for teaching in a way that was easy to grasp, practice, and perform. I consider myself a repetitive and hands on learner- this class enforced such a structure making me feel confident to continue this work at home! Reiki I brought like-minded people together, it felt extremely potent and powerful to be surrounded by so many beautiful people. And most importantly, I felt safe to express myself. Adina carries such a peaceful, present, and loving essence… you couldn’t ask for a better teacher…. <3" - Whitney, Reiki I Student

"Being able to be a part of this training was absolutely amazing. As a person, I tend to deal with a lot of self doubt, and that definitely showed up on my end during our time together. However, once I actually felt the Reiki energy flowing through me and was able to feel energy from others.. I was floored. Corny as it may sound, I feel I left all this with a new outlook on so many things. Adina is an exceptional guide, whose nurturing softness yet badass nature made this experience that much better. I look forward to learning more from her in the future!" - Paige, Reiki I Student + Registered Yoga Teacher

"This class was amazing! It was so much more than I was expecting. I didn't just learn Reiki, I gained knowledge and insight into myself. I feel like it was the beginning of understanding and letting go of so much that no longer serves me. Adina is the most supportive, genuine, non-judgmental person. She makes it easy to let your walls down. Each time I interact with her, I am awed by her perception and insights." - Loni, Reiki 1 Student

"Prior to my first Reiki session with Adina, I felt utterly overwhelmed and anxious. My mental space was in overdrive and I found it impossible to stop the daily influx of anxiety provoking thoughts. For someone who has dealt with anxiety for 10+ years and always found a way out, I was very scared and at a loss. I connected with Adina without knowing what exactly Reiki was, just hoping something, anything, would give me relief.. But what I ended up receiving was so much more than that. The space Adina creates is the epitome of safety, comfort, and warmth. For the first time in probably forever I felt safe looking within myself (something I previously avoided in fear). Adina helped to make that possible by her reassurance, nurturing and intuitive nature, knowledge and understanding, and sheer energy. She also frequently reminded me of my strength, my capability, and my power. If I a thankful for nothing else, I am thankful for being seen -- the real, raw, and vulnerable me. Reiki has reunited me with such intimate and integral parts of myself that I felt were forgotten. It brings me back to myself and helps me to remember, well, me. I have been brought to tears in those moments of remembrance. Through this healing experience my anxiety has been GREATLY reduced and my mind calmed. I've gained tools to help calm my body and mind and the inspiration and fire to do the work. I have learned and discovered an incredible amount about myself in this time that I otherwise wouldn't have. I thank you Adina for holding the flame as I work through the darkness." - Emily Knight

"If you want radical healing, support, and intuitive guidance from a Master then call Adina. She is amazing and through her Reiki Healing Mastery has helped me regain my self-trust and heal. This has totally transformed my life!! I truly appreciate her follow ups after a Reiki session to check on how I am doing. She is loving, kind, caring and honest. If you are ready to heal the deep pain and move into self power, this is the woman to connect with. I also joined her Reiki class and was totally moved by everything I learned with her teachings. Call her now." - Kim V. Faiman, Autism Parent Guide

"My Reiki experience with Adina exceeded my expectations and I couldn't recommend her more highly. We had an in-depth conversation before the actual session began, so she could best address my needs. Adina is extremely compassionate and intelligent, and once she began the energy work, it was immediately clear that she has a powerful gift. This was (more or less) my first experience with Reiki healing, and I had a extremely profound experience. I felt undeniable physical sensations (tingling, weightlessness, heaviness, waves) and shed tears. My two sessions with Adina helped me to renegotiate and compartmentalize specific unhealthy energy distribution. Our work has played an important part in my healing process and I look forward to working with Adina again." - Alice Lucas, RYT and Early Education Teacher

"Taking Reiki level l and ll has been a truly enlightening experience for me. Each part of the experience from the teacher, students, attunements, meditations, and sessions has been life changing. To be able to offer healing energy to myself and now others has been a gift that will be cherished forever. Cannot wait to help others along this new journey." - Lisa D., Reiki II Practitioner

"Adina, thank you so much for your guidance into this healing practice. My experience learning from you has been beautifully guided and I feel a connection with this practice because of your love and knowledge for Reiki. I am so appreciative of the space you held through this training and I look forward to learning more from you in the future." - Maija P. RYT and Reiki II Practitionerr

"Adina is absolutely amazing at what she does. She's such a wonderful human being, but additionally as a Reiki healer she is poised, attentive, intelligent and completely embodies everything she teaches. I went to her before and after having major surgery and I am so happy that I did. I was so grateful to have her as a part of not only my healing but also my preparation. She worked with me to help get my mental, emotional and physical body prepared and then also to guide me along the intense healing process. She even made great suggestions for supplements and other things to help me with some swelling I had post op. She also made sure to augment what my surgeon's directions were, and was very conscious of what was in my best interest. She is an energy healer that is so passionate about this work, and it shows! It is the work that she is meant to be doing, and is therefore blessed and guided in such a wonderfully divine way.


She did our sessions from a distance and there was really no difference in the experience. It was as if I was right in front of her. However, if you are lucky enough to be local to the Detroit area and can attend sessions in her home, I would highly recommend it. It's such an incredible space, and she takes an incredible amount of care and intention into curating and crafting the energy it holds. I think we sometimes forget that our body holds and carries energy, and that area also needs attention. Going to the gym or working out is great, but you're interested in healing in a way that will truly change your life, seek out Reiki and go to Adina. Go to her and add another level of depth to your growth. You won't regret it." - Nadiya Nacorda

"After being diagnosed with a synovial sarcoma in my thigh in May of 2019 Adina reached out to me and thought it would help to give Reiki a try. I was getting daily radiation and regularly taking pain pills and dealing with heightened stress and anxiety. Adina was comforting and compassionate during this stressful time in my life. Several sessions helped extremely well with anxiety, pain, and stress. I think people should experience Reiki and feel the benefits of this truly self-healing service and I would highly recommend Adina." - Andrea W.

"Adina is incredibly skilled and attentive to her work as a Reiki healer. All of our sessions have been done absentee and when I started working with Adina, I had been in unmanageable pain for months. I felt immediate release from the pain and tension during just our first session. She's helped me focus on healing and relaxation and has been a tremendous source of encouragement and healing in my life. I can't thank her enough!" - Colleen Brent

"I started seeing Adina a little over three months ago. I was looking for help in dealing with my anxiety. I was hesitant about trying Reiki but after the initial phone call with her I knew I was making the right step in getting better for myself. I was anxious for my first session, but Adina put me at ease. She went over everything with me and just let me word vomit everything that I was keeping to myself. After just one session I felt lighter and like I could conquer the world! Adina has helped me better listen to what my body wants, needs, and is going through. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me! I am practically anxiety free and owe all my success to the wonderful Reiki healer that she is! It just takes one session to becoming a better and stronger person!" - Brianna S.

"Working with Adina has been extremely healing and grounding for me. Her ability to see your auric field and energy has been crucial to understanding how much energy I'm absorbing, giving and receiving. I've had the pleasure of working with Adina for several sessions and every time I feel like she is cleansing my soul, body and mind. We take on so much these days. She is a great listener and I love her protection recommendations to protect my energy. I feel brighter and clearer after each session." - Soojin Kim

"Adina is an extraordinary Reiki professional. She has an amazing disposition and natural intuition about where to lead the session. My first session occurred when she was in Detroit and I was on Rhode Island. Despite having never received long distance Reiki before, I felt her “touch” immediately, and felt her holding space throughout the session. We spoke on the phone before and after and I was intensely calm and relaxed during and after the session. I had vivid dreams that night and felt she helped kickstart things that needed to be shifted in my life all while remaining entirely professional. Highly recommended if you have self-destructive or limiting behaviors and would like to shift that energy out of your body or general ailments which are persisting despite other treatment." - Amanda M.

"I’ve had the pleasure of having 3 Reiki sessions with Adina so far and am looking forward to continuing my sessions with her.  Adina has such a calming and caring presence about her. I feel fully supported when I am with her and I truly feels like she wants to help.   She is completely present for whatever you need during the session and she takes the time to get to the root of what is happening. I’ve been seeing her to help with stress, become more in touch with my true self and emotions, and heal some past trauma.  Since beginning my sessions with her, I feel lighter, more in tune with my emotions, more present, and like I’m able to let things roll off of my back more easily. I know I can always reach out to her with questions and she always checks in with me after sessions to see how I’m doing.  Adina has a beautiful gift and I’m so glad I have her to support me in my journey." - Bethany S.

“Adina is extremely attentive to whatever may be troubling you or causing you pain. She takes notes as you decompress and tries her best to understand  while giving great insight. Adina not only brings me comfort as a healer but as a friend. I got into Reiki with little understanding of how it worked but had the intention of better understanding how it could help improve me. Throughout my sessions with Adina I learned that as the recipient of the healing process I must accept full responsibility for my healing and be an active part in it by making the conscious decision by improving myself.”

- Ceena V.

"After my first session with Adina I already felt the benefits of Reiki healing. It has helped me immensely with the daily anxiety I have. After consistent Reiki sessions I noticed that I approach challenging situations more calmly and confidently. Adina creates a space that feels safe, gentle, and comforting. I always feel motivated to continue to better myself after talking with her and the session. I would definitely recommend this to anyone going through anxiety and more." - Mellissa L. 

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