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Not sure which 
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for you? 
A  90 minute session includes 60 minutes of energy work and 20-30 minutes to discuss your healing needs and goals to ensure that your session is tailored to fit your individual healing needs.  
Appointments are available in person or online!
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In this 90 minute Past Life Regression, we’ll go deep and explore the history of who we are through experiencing a past life chosen by your intuition.
Appointments are available in person or online!
Reiki attunement is a profound and potent way to invest in yourself and your heaing journey. You'll learn in depth how to HEAL yourself through self-led energy work, how to share sessions with loved ones, tools to tap into your intuition, an abundance of hands on practice, the history of Usui Reiki, meditative practices, and a deep dive into the subtle body and chakra system.

All classes are taught following the Usui Shiki Ryoho/Holy Fire Reiki lineage. 

Your pet will receive around 45 minutes of Reiki, and we'll save a bit of time at the end of the session to check in. 
Appointments are available in person or online!
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